Jazz Up Dunnellon

October 12, 2013  2014 will be here in October

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Jazz Up Dunnellon is just around the corner. This Annual music festival will take place on Saturday, October 12th from 5:00PM – 9:00PM

Jazz Up Dunnellon is hosted by the Dunnellon Area Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by many fine businesses of Dunnellon and surrounding area.

We will continue to have Jazz Up Dunnellon encompass both East and West Pennsylvania.  Come and stroll down both sides of the Streets, sample Cajun/Creole inspired food, visit our beer gardens and enjoy listening to bands performing a variety of music styles on a cool October Saturday night. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, and Southern Rock, There is something for everyone.

Each year our event draws hundreds of people to Dunnellon, which promotes our small town quality of life and gives opportunity to showcase our businesses in the Dunnellon area!  We are in need of Volunteers and Sponsors for Jazz Up Dunnellon.

Contact  489-2320 for more info.