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It is hard to imagine a community filled with hate, lawlessness, and without respect and compassion for the people who live there. That is because we live in Dunnellon Florida: a de facto standard that should be duplicated across the entire country. Over this past week, I have seen stories of kindness from our community that may forever go without a second thought, only because those of us who live it are used to it.

It is easy to condemn those who need help and disregard their pleas. Many of us face our own hardships everyday, and we tend to forget about those around us who are also struggling to make ends meet. We forget too that we can use some help from time-to-time, and have often sought out assistance in our own ways. There is no shame in asking for help.

A couple with children right here in Dunnellon was out of food. The husband and father has a job, but the costs of living are so high the once he paid the rent there wasn’t anything left for groceries. After the mother posted in a popular Facebook group, Dunnellon Word of Mouth, asking not for food or assistance, but for opportunities to work so the family could have some groceries, the community opened up in a way not uncommon to our town, but very different from other places in this world. Many residents turned out to offer assistance. From small jobs that could be done, to people buying groceries for this family in need, the people of Dunnellon pooled together to make sure one of their own would not go hungry tonight.

While I will not post names of any party involved, I will share a message from the family of recipients:

“My family is very thankful tonight for everyone’s help, advice, love, prayers and much more. As our kid’s sleep with full bellies and with peace. We thank you all very much!!!”

Such beautiful stories are all around us everyday in Dunnellon.

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  1. So very true! A community like Dunnellon is a treasure………one we should polish and respect every day!

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